This curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in the rapidly expanding agricultural business sector. Students receive instruction in the agricultural sciences, agricultural economics, accounting, finance, marketing, computers, and management. Students learn how the economic system operates as well as the role agriculture plays in the economy. The program emphasizes training related to the management phases of agricultural industry and business. Excellent career opportunities are available in industries allied with agriculture, including those engaged in transportation, distribution, marketing, and processing of farm products; agricultural banking and farm credit agencies; farm real estate and land appraisal services; insurance; agricultural supply businesses and cooperative management; agricultural policy at state and federal levels; market analysis and reporting; and communications.

Freshman Years

Ag Econ 110 3 Hours
Ag ET 110 3 Hours
An Sci 110 3 Hours
Pl Sci 110 3 Hours
Biol 110-120 8 Hours
Eng 111-112 6 Hours
Math 140, 160 6 Hours
Total Hours 32 Hours

Sophomore Year

Acct 201-202 6 Hours
Chem 121-122 8 Hours
Comm 230 3 Hours
Comm 210, Eng 280, 305, or 310 3 Hours
Comp Sc 201 3 Hours
Econ 201-202 6 Hours
Animal Science elective 3 Hours
Total Hours 32

Junior Year

Ag Econ 365, 375 6 Hours
Math 210 3 Hours
Agricultural Engineering Technology elective 3 Economics elective (UD) 3 Hours
Plant or Soil Science elective 3 Agriculture electives 6 Hours
Electives (Maximum of six hours from School of Business Administration) 9 Hours
Total Hours 33

Senior Year

Ag Econ 364, 445, 471 9 Hours
Agriculture electives 12 Hours
Economics elective (UD) 3 Hours
Management elective (UD) 3 Hours
Electives (Maximum of six hours from School of Business Administration) 8 Hours
Total Hours 35