110 Introduction to Agricultural Business (3) An introduction to the field of agricultural business and some of the basic tools and concepts of decision-making. Concepts are illustrated in terms of selected current social and economic issues in the industry of production agriculture, agricultural business, and the computer application of those concepts.

210 Microcomputer Applications in Agribusiness (3) An introduction to the use of computers in agribusiness applications with emphasis on statistics and mathematical programming. Course includes the use of computer gaming techniques for instruction in agribusiness. Prereq: Comp Sci 201 or permission of instructor.

301-302 Special Problems (1, 1) Independent study projects for students exhibiting special interest in applied areas of agricultural economics. Topics may be chosen from, but are not restricted to, production, marketing, management, policy, finance, and resource economics. Taught only by arrangement prior to registration.

310 Current Events in Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy (2) An authoritative analysis of contemporary issues in agriculture and natural resources; regional, national, and international. The primary text will be regional and national newspapers, as well as other media. Students will be expected to stay current on agriculture and natural resource policy issues throughout the course. Teaching techniques will include lecture, question/answer, organized debates, and informal discussion in round table format. Designed for students in all majors.

325 Agricultural Policy (3) Values, goals, and the policy process. Historical development and current characteristics of commodity, credit, food, and trade policy. Relationship between domestic and international agricultural policy. Prereq: Ag Econ 110. May not receive credit for 368 and 325.

335 International Agricultural Trade (3) Theory and practice in international trade in agricultural and food products. Trade policy, trade agreements, trade law, tariffs, customs practices, exchange rates, and their impact on trade in U.S. and world agriculture. Prereq: Ag Econ 110.

364 Agricultural Marketing (3) The American marketing system. Alternative market function of the marketing system. Commodity futures problems. Current marketing problems and possibilities for improvement. Prereq: Ag Econ 110.

365 Agricultural Finance (3) Analysis of capital requirements of farm and agribusiness firms. Evaluation of credit needs and repayment capacity. Sources and use of credit. Agribusiness financial recordkeeping and interpretation of financial statements. Prereq: Ag Econ 110.

375 Environmental and Agricultural Law (3) Survey of law and its application to agricultural and natural resource management. Property, contracts, torts, drainage and water rights. Environmental law, land tenure, employment, forms of business organization, estate planning, regulatory law and other selected topics. (Same as NRM 375)

401-402 (601-602) Research Participation (3, 3) Application of the scientific method and techniques of research to investigation of problems in major subject areas of agricultural economics. Restricted to students with demonstrated ability to conduct a supervised research problem. Taught only by arrangement prior to registration .

445 (645) Natural Resources Economics (3) Economic, social, and political factors involved in conservation and utilization of natural resources. Discussion of investment criteria including benefit-cost analysis, multi-objective planning externalities, and welfare economics. Impact of outdoor recreation, aesthetics, and other non-market considerations associated with resource development. Students are required to write reports and give oral presentations. Prereq: Econ 202.

471 (671) Agricultural Management (3) Principles and procedures for determining most profitable farm organization and system of operation. Nature of managerial processes. Records and their uses and budgeting procedures. Operations of firms selling farm supplies and merchandising agricultural products. Application of microeconomic theory to the problems of resource allocation, enterprise selection, and scale of operation of agricultural firms. Prereq: Ag Econ 110.