The School of Agriculture and Human Environment, in cooperation with the School of Engineering, offers a two-year program which is basic to a degree in Agricultural Engineering. After completion of freshman and sophomore years at UT Martin, students may transfer to The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, or another university to complete their junior and senior years.

Agricultural Engineering is the profession that provides engineering know-how for the development of agriculture. Graduates are employed by agricultural colleges in research, teaching, and extension, and by federal agencies such as USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Department of the Interior. Job opportunities are also available in farm equipment design, manufacturing, and sales; building design and construction; electric power systems in agriculture; soil and water conservation engineering; and other industries.

Freshman Year

Biol 110-120 8 Hours
Engin 121,241 6 Hours
Eng 111-112 6 Hours
Engin 110 2 Hours
Math 251-252 8 Hours
Social Science/Humanities elective 3 Hours
Total Hours 33

Sophomore Year Hours

Chem 121-122 8 Hours
Comp Sc 231 3 Hours
Math 310, 320, 330 10 Hours
Phys 220-221 8 Hours
Soil Sc 210 4 Hours
Social Science/Humanities elective 3 Hours
Total Hours 36