ART (ART-080)

110 Understanding Visual Art (3) An introduction to the aesthetic principles of visual art as exemplified in selected masterpieces.

210-211 The History of Art (3, 3) The development of visual art in Western culture studied through repre-sentative artists and works. 210: Paleolithic era through the Renaissance. 211: Baroque period to the present.

221-222 Basic Design (3, 3) Application of basic principles in creating two-dimensional designs. Planning and rendering displays, graphic design, and lettering. Must be taken in sequence.

241-242 Drawing (3, 3) Placement, scale, perspective, composition, and other problems involved in representing forms and objects in two dimensions.

305 Photography (3) Introduction to camera and darkroom techniques for small format, black and white photography. Lecture and lab. Same as Comm 341.

310 Crafts Studio (3) Creative use of clay, wood, paper, cloth, and other materials. Prereq: Art 221 or Art Ed 260.

311-312 Painting (3, 3) Skills and techniques in the use of oils, acrylics, and water colors. Prereq: Art 221 and 222 or instructor's approval.

320 Using Color (3) Effective use of color in two- and three-dimensional design. Interaction of color as well as historical and psychological aspects. Prereq: Art 221.

321 Advanced Design (3) Principles and practices of applied graphics illustration, advertising design, and layout. Prereq: Art 221, 241.

331 Jewelry (3) Techniques in jewelry design and finishing.

335 Ceramics (3) Methods of structuring clay objects including hand-build and wheel-throwing techniques, glazing, and firing methods.

351-352 Sculpture (3, 3) Compositional study of three-dimensional form with emphasis on basic sculptural concepts, terminology, and techniques. Prereq: Art 221 and 222 or instructor's approval.

391 (591) Special Topics in Art (3) Selected media and/or genre for intensive study. Topics and prerequisites to be announced. May be repeated for credit.

420 Printmaking (3) Use of fundamental printing processes such as silk screening and block printing on various materials. Prereq: Art 320.

435 Advanced Ceramics (3) Advanced studio work in specific ceramics skills involving handbuilding, throwing, glaze techniques, calculations and firing. Research in ceramics history and criticism. Prereq: Art 335.

441 Weaving (3) Understanding the weaving process including threading a loom, winding a warp, draft reading, loom assembly, and the weaving of experimental patterns.

451-452 Figure Drawing (3, 3) Drawing from live human models in charcoal, pencil, and other materials. Prereq: Art 241, 242.

480 Senior Exhibit (1) An exhibition of works produced during the studentOs studies at UTM. The exhibit will be scheduled during the senior year and selected from juried works under the supervision of the art faculty.