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Carolyn Byrum, Douglas Cook, Robert Jolly, David McBeth, William Snyder


BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS with a Major in Fine and Performing Arts

The objectives of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program are as follows:

1. To provide an opportunity for students to pursue a quality, interdisciplinary, professional, undergraduate program in the arts.

2. To provide, within the framework of an interdisciplinary arts program, specific concentrations for students whose primary academic interest is art, dance, or theatre.

3. To produce graduates who have:

a. Primary skill and depth in art, dance, or theatre;

b. Secondary skill in arts disciplines other than the primary area;

c. A broad understanding of the scope of the arts and their contribution to modern society;

d. A general education appropriate to a professional arts degree including elective studies suited to individual needs and interests.

4. To prepare students for careers and/or for graduate study in settings utilizing a multiple-arts environment (e.g., arts administration, arts management, arts journalism, etc.)

5. To enhance the arts and provide an enriched cultural environment to the campus and to the region served by the University.

CAUTION: Check with your advisor regarding possible changes to this degree program approved after this catalog was printed.


Studio Option:
Teaching Option:
Biol 110 and Zool 201 -- 8
Physical Science elective -- 4
Electives -- 6 *Theatre emphasis must take Comm 220. Teaching option students take Comm 230.
**Teaching option students must take Mathematics.

MAJOR COURSES (82-84 hours)

Arts Core:

Art 210-211 History of Art (3, 3) hours

Dance 110 Understanding Dance (3) hours

Music 111 Understanding Masterpieces of Music (3) hours

Theatre 110 Understanding Theatre (3) hours

Studio Option:

Dance 111 Understanding Dance (3) hours (P> Music 112 Music In Our Time (3) hours

Theatre 111 Understanding Theatre (3) hours

Fine Arts 310 Arts Aesthetics and Criticism (3) hours

Teaching Option:

Art 310 Crafts Studio (3) hours

Art 420 Printmaking (3) hours

Art Ed 211 Introduction to Teaching Art (1) hour

Art Ed 360 Teaching Art in the Public School (3) hours

FA 410 Computers and the Arts (3) hours

Area of emphasis:


Art 221-222 Basic Design (3,3) hours

Art 241-242 Drawing 1(3,3) hours

Art 311-312 Painting (3,3) hours

Art 321 Advanced Design (3) hours

Art 335 Ceramics (3) hours

Art 351 Sculpture (3) hours

Art 451 Figure Drawing (3) hours

Art 480 Senior Exhibit (1) hours


Dance 120-320 Contemporary Dance (4) hours

Dance 130-330 Ballet (4) hours

Dance 150-350 Dance Ensemble (4) hours

Dance 240-440 Choreography I and II (2, 2) hours

Dance 310 Jazz Dance (2) hours

Dance 390 Dance Pedagogy (2) hours

Dance 410 Dance Improvisation (2) hours

Dance 401-402 Special Projects (2, 2) hours

Dance 351-451 Recital (2, 2) hours


Theatre 150 Theatre Workshop (3) hours

Theatre 220 Acting I (3) hours

Theatre 330 Costuming and Stage Makeup (3) hours

Theatre 360 Stagecraft (3) hours

Theatre 380 Play Interpretation/Direction (3) hours

Theatre 390 Playwriting (3) hours

Theatre 420 Acting II (9) hours

Theatre 430 Lighting Scene Design (3) hours


Studio Option:

Teaching Option:
Total minimum hours required : 132

Admission and Retention

Students are admitted to the B.F.A. degree only after successful audition (Dance or Theatre A.O.E.) or portfolio review (Art A.O.E.) by the appropriate faculty. Progress in the program will be monitored on an annual basis by the faculty. Only those students who make continuing and adequate progress (as defined by the faculty) in the Area of Emphasis will be allowed to continue beyond the second year.

Additional Requirements

1. Art A.O.E. students will present a portfolio of works during the senior level for jury by the faculty.

2. Dance A.O.E. students are expected to participate each semester in the Dance Ensemble and to achieve upper division level skills in ballet or contemporary dance studio. The junior and senior dance recitals will be juried.

3. Theatre A.O.E. students are expected to participate in productions of Vanguard Theatre and to achieve upper division level skill in acting.

4. B.F.A. majors are required to participate in the enrichment opportunities which are available in the arts. These include the music, theatre, and dance performances, art exhibits, and other events presented by faculty and students as well as the fine and performing arts series presentations.


The minor in Art consists of Art 210, 211, 241, and nine hours selected from: Art 242, 310, 311, 312, 331, 335, 351, 352, 420, 441, 451, 452. Total hours required: 18.


The minor in Dance consists of four hours of Dance 120 and/or 320, four hours of Dance 130 and/or 330, four hours of Dance 150 and/or 350, Dance 310, Dance 410, and two hours of Dance 240 and/or 440. Total hours required: 18. Dance minor students are also required to be performing members of the UT Martin Dance Ensemble for a minimum of two semesters.


The minor in Theatre consists of Theatre 110, six hours of Theatre 220 and/or 420, Theatre 360, and Theatre 380. Total hours required: 15.