110 Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics (4) An introductory course that emphasizes plant and animal cell structure, cellular processes, and genetics. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

120 Introductory Plant and Animal Biology (4) A course in organismal biology with emphasis on the structure and function of plants and animals, including an introduction to the principles of ecology and evolution. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: Biol 110. NOTE: Biol 120 replaces 102 and/or 103.

180 Special topics in Biology (1-4) Lectures, field and/or laboratory work, discussions and readings in restricted topics in biology. Topics to be announced. Permission of instructor required.

300 Medical and Scientific Vocabulary (2) The study of word derivations, especially as it relates to technical terms. The use of common prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms to understand and effectively use scientific vocabulary. Prereq: Completion of at least one lab science sequence and junior standing.

330 Cell Biology (4) Principles and concepts underlying the physiological and ultrastructural nature of plant and animal cells. Cell organization and differentiation, osmotic relations, membrane transport, energy relations. Enzymes and basic intermediary metabolism, nucleic acids. Protein synthesis, excitability and mechanical work, meiosis and cytogenetic regulation of cellular activity and evolution of the cell. Three one-hour lectures and one three-hour lab. Prereq: Biol 110-120, Chem 121-122 and Chem 341-342.

331 General Ecology (3) The study of the interactions of organisms with their physical environment and with each other. Prereq: Biol 110-120.

336 Introductory Genetics (3) Basic concepts of Mendelian and molecular genetics. Prereq: Biol 110-120.

350 Biological Literature and Writing (3) Use of library resources, literature searches, interpretation of scientific data and reports, techniques and style of writing papers, abstracts and summaries in the biological sciences. Prereq: major or minor in biological sciences, wildlife biology, secondary education major with endorsement in biological sciences, or instructor's approval.

391 Organic Evolution (3) The history of evolutionary thought,the evidence for evolution, and the nature of evolutionary processes. Two one-hour lectures and one one-hour recitation. Prereq: Biol 110-120; Biol 336 recommended.

410-411 Seminar in Biological Sciences (1,1) Presentation of selected topics in advanced biology. Subject determined by the instructor. Active student participation including oral presentation of papers. Prereq: Major in biological science, wildlife biology, secondary education major with endorsement in biological sciences, or instructor's approval. Graded on a pass/fail basis.

418 (618) Limnology (3) An introduction to the study of inland waters and factors and processes that affect the nature of water. Two one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: Biol 110-120, Chem 121-122.

436 Molecular Biology (3) Molecular mechanisms and controlling elements of replication, transcription, and translation as they relate to gene expression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Special emphasis will be placed on the biological and social implications of technology, including the identification, cloning, and recombination of genes. Prereq: Biol 330, Biol 336 or Micro 310.

437L Molecular Biology Lab (2) Experiments designed to illustrate some of the basic principles of molecular biology, including sterile techniques for the handling of bacteria and bacteriophages, replica plating, DNA restriction analysis, bacterial transformation and recombination, purification of plasmid and bacterial DNA. Two one-hour labs. Coreq: Biol 436.

451-452 Research Participation (2, 2) Experience in active research projects under the supervision of faculty members, Taught by arrangement. Prereq: Junior or Senior standing, minimum average grade of 3.00, and research supervisor's approval prior to enrollment.

462-463 (662-663) Special Topics in Biology (1-3,1-3) Intensive lectures and/or laboratory work on special topics in biology. Prereq: Junior standing and instructor's approval.

475 Field Investigations in Biology (3) Field work in selected environments with emphasis placed upon the interaction of the flora and fauna with that environment. Extended field trip utilizing facilities such as the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. Prereq: Biol 110-120.