The Children's Center is a facility providing services with social and educational enrichment for preschool children. Emphases are on protective care, quality health, and appropriate stimulation for children six weeks to 14 years old. Children with special needs are included, as the needs of all children are recognized. The 1993 facility was designed especially for its services and is licensed by the state. The Children's Center combines the former campus day care service with the former nursery school and pre-kindergarten educational programs.

The Children's Center primarily exists for the benefits of preschool children associated with the University community. Children of student-parents are given first priority followed by staff, faculty, and community-at-large. The guiding philosophy holds that play is what children do.

Fees are required for service. Questions about rates and services may go to the director, Ms. Leanne Snider, 881-7715 or 7120, or to the academic coordinator, Dr. Martha Herndon, 881-7112. Applications for placement are required. Services are rendered by competently trained staff persons.

The Children's Center serves as a laboratory for courses in child development and family relationships. These courses support curricula in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences, the School of Education, and others. For the children, developmentally appropriate activities and curricula are planned and carried out by University students enrolled in laboratory classes. The academic components are supervised by a senior faculty member whose specialty is child development. The Children's Center is administered through the Department of Human Environmental Sciences, 881-7100.