General Requirements

Basic requirements for the graduate program are outlined below. Some of the schools and departments have special requirements above and beyond those stated here, and students are advised to consult the appropriate section of this catalog for any further degree requirements.

The MASTER's degree may be conferred upon a student who has completed a minimum of 30-48 semester hours of approved graduate courses in one of the programs outlined in this catalog and has a 3.00 or higher cumulative grade point average. A student may be required by the Director of Graduate Studies or by the appropriate graduate coordinator to take certain additional courses as prerequisites, to take additional undergraduate or graduate courses, or to engage in independent study in order to remedy deficiencies and ensure a sound academic program. No course which has been applied toward a previous degree may be counted toward the MASTER's degree. Courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for graduate credit. No more than 3 hours of 300 level course work available for graduate credit (cross-listed at 500 level) may be applied on a degree, and a minimum of 70 percent of the course work required for graduation must be taken at the 700 level. Only six semester hours of workshop credit may be applid toward a degree.

A graduate student is allowed to satisfy requirements for a graduate degree under any catalog in effect during the time a student has been admitted to a degree program at UT Martin provided that the catalog has been in effect within six years of graduation and provided the student has been enrolled as a graduate student in the catalog year.

The requirements for each graduate degree, and the majors (with options, if applicable), minors, and other specialized curricula for the degrees, are described in the sections of the Catalog which follow. The student has the ultimate responsibility to fulfill the requirements for the degree, to check his or her own eligibility to take courses, and to observe the academic rules governing his or her program.