110-111 Understanding Theatre (3, 3) An overview of theatre as an art form. Introduction to the roles of the actor, director, designer. History and literature of the theatre. Basic theory and criticism.

150 Theatre Workshop (3) Supervised group projects in the construction of sets, painting, lighting, and costume making. Six hours of schedule work per week in prepa-ration for a major production. May be repeated for credit.

220 Acting I (3) Introduction to acting involving improvisation and other exercises. Development of concentration, contact between actors, stage movement, and confidence. Scenes from plays are performed. May be repeated for credit.

330 Costuming and Stage Makeup (3) Practical application of costume design concepts and makeup techniques for the stage. Prereq: Theatre 110.

360 (560) Stagecraft (3) Principles of technical theatre including scene construction, stage management, and dramatic production supervision.

380-381 (580-581) Play Interpretation and Direction (3, 3) Development of directing skills through direction of short scenes (380) and of longer scenes and a one-act play (381).

390 (590) Playwriting (3) Writing exercises, scenes, and one-act plays which may be performed in the laboratory theatre. May be repeated for credit.

401 (601) Independent Study (3) Directed study or application. Taught by arrangement. May be repeated for credit.

420 (620) Acting II (3) Exploration of acting problems and work with scenes, improvisations, and other exercises. Emphasis on individual actor development. May be repeated for credit.

430 (630) Stage Lighting and Scene Design (3) Development of the total design concept involved in creating the stage environment. Prereq: Theatre 110 and 360.