I. Communication Requirement

        A. English 111-112 (or equivalent honors courses)

        B. Communications 230

II. Foreign Language Requirement

        Completion of 212 in a foreign language or the equivalent. (See page 145.)

III. Humanities Requirement

        A. Complete a sequence from one area and one course from each of the two remaining areas

               1) English: English 250-251, or 260-261, or 270-271 (foreign language literature courses, numbered 300 or above may be substituted for English courses.)

               2) History: History 121-122 (or equivalent honors courses)

               3) Philosophy and Religious Studies: Philosophy 110-120, or Religious Studies 201 and 301

        B. Complete one course from each of two different areas

                Art 210, 211

                Dance 110, 111

                Music 111, 112

                Theatre 110, 111

IV. Laboratory Science Requirement

          Complete one sequence outside of major

                Astronomy 201-202

                Biology 110-120

                Chemistry 121-122

                Geology 111, 112 or 113

                Physics 211-212 and Physics 201-202, or Physics 220-221

V. Social Science Requirement

          Outside of major complete one sequence and one additional course in different area.

                Anthropology 101-201

                Economics 201-202

                Geography (Regional) 151-152

                Geography (Physical and Cultural) 201-202

               History (U.S.) 201-202

                Political Science (American Government) 210-220

                Psychology 110-120 (or equivalent honors courses)

                Sociology 201-202

Vl. Mathematical Reasoning Requirement

          Complete one math course at Math 100 level or higher and Computer Science 201