Dr. Rhelda W. Barron, Chair
115 Business Administration Building


Rhelda W. Barron, Tommy A. Cates, Kay A. Durden, Richard B. Griffin, Robert L. Hearn, Patrick V. Jaska, Eddie R. Joyner, B. Wayne Kemp, Ronald W. Kilgore, John E. Knight, Mary A. Lemons, P. Michael McCullough, Festus O. Olorunniwo, John D. Overby, Richard J. Palmer, Robert L. Putnam, Tom W. Schmidt, Carel M. Wolk


The accounting major is designed to prepare students for positions in public, private, or governmental accounting and is an excellent pre-law major. The major also provides an educational background for the CIA, CMA, and CPA examinations. The student should be aware that 150 semester hours are required to qualify a person to sit for the CPA examination. Those students should see the Master of Accountancy program on page 264.

In order for the credit to count toward graduation for a major in accounting, a student must earn at least a “C” in each accounting class completed after Summer ‘95.

Course Requirements for Major Hours
Acct 301-302 6
Acct 321 3
Acct 401 or Acct 402 3
Acct 431 3
Acct 441 3
Acct 461 3
Upper Division Accounting Elective 3
Inf Sys 351 3
Business Law 301 3
Upper Division Business Electives* 6
Total Hours 36

*Up to 3 of these hours may be satisfied by courses from Inf Sys 211-249.


The Information Systems major is designed to prepare the student for careers working with today’s and tomorrow’s computer-based information systems. Students interested in designing and developing information systems should select the Management Information Systems Concentration, while students interested in using information systems and/or training others to use information systems should select the Office Information Systems Concentration. Both concentrations build upon a foundation of computer literacy which emphasizes hands-on skills. These skills are practiced and polished in a network environment that encourages the collaborative problem solving approaches being used in modern organizations.

Course Requirements for Major Hours
Inf Sys 212 Intermediate Spreadsheet Applications 1
Inf Sys 213 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications 1
Inf Sys 222 Intermediate Data Base Applications 1
Inf Sys 223 Advanced Data Base Applications 1
Inf Sys 232 Intermediate Word Processing 1
Inf Sys 233 Advanced Word Processing 1
Inf Sys 351 Business Communications 3
Inf Sys 361 Network Administration 3
Inf Sys 491 Current Issues in Information Systems 3
Concentration Requirements 21
Total Hours 36


The Management Information Systems Concentration is designed to prepare the student for organizational roles involving the design, development, and adminstration of information systems. Typical positions include systems analyst, programmer, network administrator, computer consultant, computer applications support specialist.

Comp Sci 221 Programming Concepts and Problem Solving I 3
Comp Sci 222 Programming Concepts and Problem Solving II 3
Comp Sci 351 Object Oriented System Analysis and Design 3
Acct 461 Accounting Information Systems 3
Information Systems or Computer Science Electives 9


The Office Information Systems Concentration stresses the integration of people, procedures and technology to produce information in the office environment. Emphasis is on computer applications, technology management strategies, software selection, and end-user training/support. Interpersonal, written, and oral communications skills are developed. Possible career paths for graduates include software support specialist, administrative assistant, records manager, office manager, training specialist, and office system analyst.

Inf Sys 251 Office Procedures 3
Inf Sys 331 Professional Word Processing 3
Inf Sys 461 Automated Office Systems 3
Inf Sys 462 Office Management 3
Business Electives 9


The two-year program in office information systems is designed to prepare students to gain knowledge and skills in modern office technology in the shortest possible time. The major is intended to enable a student to specialize in a chosen field and still obtain college credits which may all be applied toward a degree in information systems.

Courses Hours
English 111-112 6
Mathematics 140, 210 6
Computer Science 201 3
Communications 230 3
Psychology 110-120 6
Accounting 201-202 6
Economics 201-202 6
Business Law 201 3
Computer Applications  (Chosen from the following 1-hr. courses: Inf Sys 211, 212, 213, 221, 231, 232, 233, 241) 6
Information Systems 151 3
Information Systems 251 3
Electives 13
Total Hours 64


The management curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to assume entry level management positions and progress in the management profession. The curriculum is desinged for those students who desire a broad introduction to the field of management. Students may select appropriate specialization electives with the advisor’s consent to provide enhanced understanding of concepts of general administration, industrial management, personnel and human resources management.

Course Requirements for Major Hours
Acct 311 3
Mgt 303 3
Mgt 312 3
Mgt 320 3
Mgt 350 3
Mgt 412 3
Mktg 410 3
Upper Division Management Electives 6
Upper Division Business Electives 6
Free Elective 3
Total Hours 36