201 Circuits I (4) Circuit variables: current, voltage, power energy, resistance, capacitance, and inductance. Kirchhoff’s laws. Network theorems. Writing circuit equilibrium equations using loop currents and node voltages. Three hours including lab. Coreq: Math 251.

202 Circuits ll (4) Time-varying and alternating currents and voltages. Average and effective values, AC power and power factors. Polyphase networks, elementary transient analysis, magnetically coupled circuits and magnetic circuit concepts, two-port networks. Three hours including lab. Prereq: EE 201.

310 Basic Electrical Engineering Circuits and Electro-Mechanical Components (4) DC and AC circuits, transients, transformers, motors, generators. For non-electrical majors only. Prereq: Math 252, Phys 212 or 221, and ET 210 or approval of instructor. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab.

320 Basic Engineering Electronics (3) Analog circuits, operational amplifiers, digital systems and logic circuits. Semi-conductor devices. For non-electrical majors only. Prereq: EE 310.