413 (613) Mental Health in Schools (3) Influences within the school which affect the self-concepts, motivation, and social adjustment of students and teachers. Emphasis on means for promoting mental health in the classroom. Opportunity for self-exploration provided.

414 (614) Classroom Management (2) A study of skills and techniques facilitative to an effective classroom environment. Emphasis on behavioral management principles, classroom climate analysis, and teacher/pupil rapport building. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education.

422 (622) The Microcomputer and Its Use in the Classroom (3) Provision of the understanding and skills necessary to make the computer an effective tool in the classroom. Focus on the use of the computer in the various subject (grade level) areas. Attention to computer ethics. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education (Same as Sec Ed 422/622)

423 (623) Logo for the Public School Teacher (3) Focus on the educational, philosophical, and psychological development of the Logo environment in a public school setting. Emphasis on the project approach. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education (Same as Sec Ed 423/623)

430 (630) Problems in Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies in the Elementary School (3) Individual or group work on assigned or chosen problems in English and social studies. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education.

433 (633) Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Arithmetic and Science in the Elementary School (3) Special investigation concerning effective teaching of arithmetic and science in the elementary school. Use of the current curricula materials. Individual or group work on assigned or chosen problems in elementary arithmetic and science.

455 (655) Child Psychology (3) An overview of the principles of learning and behavior applicable to young children's physical, social, and intellectual development. Emphasis on the current research findings related to young children and the process of education. Prereq: Admission to Teacher Education.

490 (690) Workshop in Education: [Title of Workshop] (1-3) Workshop on selected topics. No more than six hours of workshop credit may be applied to an undergraduate or graduate degree in education. Prereq: Instructor’s approval.

711 Learning Theory and Cognition Applied to the School Setting, K-8 (3) The nature of learning processes and conditions for effective learning and implications for teaching exploration of how learning theory can be applied in the K-8 school environment to enhance the learning experience; recent directions in cognitive studies and their general implications for functional classroom use.

740 Growth and Development in School Age Students, K-8 (3) The physiological, sociological, and psychological basis of human behavior with emphasis upon research dealing with the normal student in a K-8 school environment.

760 Supervision of Student Teaching and Field Experiences (3) A study of objectives and general techniques of supervising student teachers and students participating in field experiences in public schools.

790 Seminar: [Selected Topics] (3) Can be taken in multiples of 3 semester hours. Twelve semester hours can be counted toward a degree. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Certain workshops may be offered on a pass/fail basis.

791-792 Master Research Project, K-8 (2, 2) The culminating professional research project for the Master of Science in Education with a major in Teaching Program. Seminar topics to include but not limited to education reform, curriculum design, student achievement, parent involvement, cultural diversity, education technology, assessments, and educators as collaborative leaders and mentors (in a K-8 setting). May repeat enrollment. P/N only. 791 serves as a prereq to 792.

793 Student Teaching Grades K-4 (5) Supervised student teaching in grades K-4 for a minimum of 7.5 weeks. Must be taken with Elem Ed 794.

794 Student Teaching Grades 5-8 (5) Supervised student teaching in grades 5-8 for a minimum of 7.5 weeks. Must be taken with Elem Ed 793.