231 Dynamics (3) Kinematics of rigid bodies; center of mass; kinetics of systems of particles mass moments of in-ertia; kinetics of rigid bodies; Newton’s laws, work-energy, impulse-momentum. Coreq: Math 310. Prereq: BE 132.

304 Vibrations (4) Modal parameter representation of single and multi-degree of freedom systems. Computer aided experimental design and troubleshooting approach involves data acquisition, digital Fourier analysis, and graphic display. Techniques to determine and modify system characteristics are presented for impact, sinusoidal and random excitation. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: BE 132, ET 210.

321 Mechanics of Materials I (3) Concepts of stress and strain; stress-strain relations; applications including axially loaded members, torsion of circular shafts, bending of beams. Shear and moment diagrams, combined stress. Coreq: Math 252. Prereq: BE 131.

322 Mechanics of Materials II (3) Analysis and design of beams, combined stresses, Mohr's circle, elastic curve and deflection of beams by integration method, moment-area theorem, and method of work, indeterminate problems by stress and strain. Prereq: EM 321.

324 Fluid Mechanics (4) Fluid statics and dynamics. Hydrostatic pressure, one-dimensional steady flow in closed circuits. Open channel flow. Three one-hour lectures and one two-hour lab. Prereq: BE 132, Math 252.