203 Orientation to Food Service Systems (3) Identifying types of establishments, service, and career opportunities. Field trips and laboratory experience. Two one-hour Iectures and one three-hour lab.

312 Quantity Food Management (4) Principles of food materials handling and menu planning for volume feeding. Laboratory experience in quantity food pro-curement, preparation, service, personnel management, and sanitation. One one-hour lecture and two three-hour labs. Prereq: Fds Mgt 203 or instructor’s approval.

410 Food Service Systems (3) Synthesis of administrative functions in organizing and managing food service systems; emphasis on identifying resources to meet the needs of the system and on means for providing quality assurance in food and nutrition services. Prereq/Coreq: Fds Mgt 312 or instructor’s approval.

413 (613) Food Systems Design (3) Principles of design for physical facilities of food service systems based on needs of the systems. Layout and equipment speci-fications according to economic and technical require-ments. Prereq: Fds Mgt 312 or instructor’s approval.

415 Standards of Professional Practice (2) The dietetics profession and the development of practitioners. Laws, regulations, and other factors affecting dietetics practice. Taken during semester when HES 487 and 497 Supervised Field Experience in Dietetics are scheduled. Prereq: Senior Standing and 2.50 GPA.

711 Administration of Food and Nutrition Services (3) Organization and direction of systems which provide food and nutrition services to consumers as individuals and groups.

713 Financial Management of Food Systems (3) Collection and analysis of data for maintaining control of assets in various food systems.

714 Preprofessional Practice I (3) Two-hundred-eighty hours of supervised practice plus 40 hours of lecture-discussion/independent study addressing the didactic aspects of dietetic practice in food systems management. This course consists of rotations in menu management, procurement, quantity food production, patient and non-patient food delivery and services, sanitation and safety (HACCP), cost/quality control, and staff relief. Prereq: Admission to DI in dietetics.

716 Experimental Quantity Food Study (3) Analysis of problems in production, holding, and service of food produced in quantity. Use of management resources in laboratory settings. Prereq: Fds Mgt 312 or consent of instructor.

744 Preprofessional Practice IV (1-3) Two-hundred-forty hours of supervised practice plus 80 hours of lecture-discussion/independent study addressing the aspects of management in dietetic practice. This course consists of rotations in numerous aspects of management in dietetics including operational reporting (financial and personnel), strategic planning, policy/decision making, resource allocation, total quality management, and marketing of dietetic services. Prereq: Admission to DI in dietetics and Fds Mgt 714. Coreq: Nutr 724.