CURRICULA FOR HUMAN LEARNING (Pre K-3, K-8 and 1-8 Licensure)

A Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in Human Learning is available with three concentrations which can lead to licensure in Pre K-3, K-8, or 1-8 to those students who complete the outlined program of study.

Pre K-3 licensure includes a preschool practicum and a 60 hour supervised kindergarten/primary practicum, other field experiences, and a semester long student teaching assignment in either Pre-K or K and a primary grade of grade one, two, or three.

K-8 and 1-8 licensure includes clock hours of observation participation, clock hours of clinical laboratory experiences, and a semester long program of supervised student teaching at grades K-4 and 5-8. K-8 students also complete a supervised practicum at the kindergarten and primary level.


I. Communications (9 hours)

            English 111-112 or equivalent honors courses Communications 230

II. Humanities (6 hours)

            English Literature

            Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance Appreciation

III. Social Sciences (12 hours)

            History 201-202

            Geography 151 or 152

            Political Science 210 or 220 (Pre K-3 and K-8 only)

            Sociology 201 (1-8 only)

IV. Mathematics and Computers (12 hours)

            Math 140

            Math 191-192

            Human Learning 311

V. Science (16 hours)

            Biology 110-120

            Physical Laboratory Science

Vl. Health and Physical Education (6 hours)

            Health 111

            Health 320