310 Production Management (3) An overview to the basic principles, functions and concepts involved in the design, operation, and control of operations in contemporary organizations. Topical coverage includes operations strategy, forecasting, capacity planning, location, production planning, materials management, productivity management, and quality management. Prereq: Math 210, Mgt 301, or junior standing in Engineering or Engineering Technology. (Same as Mgt 310.)

312 Introduction to Management Science (3) Introduction to quantitative methods used in business decision making. Topical coverage includes mathematical programming, inventory models, critical path methods, decision theory, and waiting lines. Computer software will be used to analyze application problems in business and economics. Prereq: Comp Sc 201, Mgt/IE 310. (Same as Mgt 312.)

330 Quality Design and Control (3) The study of the application of quantitative approaches to the design and control of quality. Topics will include the 7 simple tools, measurement systems, statistical control systems, and design of experiments for multiple process specifications. Prereq: Math 210 or Junior standing in engineering. (Same as Mgt 330.)

380 Engineering Economy (3) Economic decision making for engineering projects and capital expenditures proposals. Concepts of time value of money, cash flow, and capital rationing. Basic comparative models for evaluating alternatives. Depreciation and tax consequences, replacement studies. Prereq: Junior standing.

402 Industrial Safety (3) Accident prevention, control and record keeping, safety standards, codes, and laws. Fundamentals of industrial hygiene, occupational safety and health. Organization and development of safety programs. Prereq: Junior standing or instructor's approval.

412 Applied Production-Operations Management (3) Design, operation and control of production and operating systems. Emphasis is on the design, implementation and operation of integrated production and operating systems covering such functions as aggregate planning, master scheduling, inventory planning and control, material requirements planning, production scheduling and control, just-in-time production, capacity requirements planning, and product and process layout designs. Prereq: Mgt/IE 310, 312. (Same as Mgt 412.)