414 (614) Librarianship and the Administration of the School Library and Media Center (2) An introduction to the history and rules of libraries, media and information centers; consideration of the nature of the discipline of library and information science; current professional issues. Organization, services, functions, and administration of the school media center.

425 (625) Technical Services I (2) Technical services, principles and techniques for operating a school library. Includes acquisitions, basic manual and computer cataloging using the Dewey decimal system, structures and use of library catalogs and basic subject organization.

426 (626) Technical Services II (2) Introduction to cataloging systems other than the Dewey decimal system, including the Library of Congress system, development of library records, vertical file, computer and manual cataloging of non-print materials, the development of policy statements, collection evaluation and weeding.

433 (633) Information Resources and Services (2) Nature of information resources and reference services; study of all types of these materials in specific fields for schools and community use; content, evaluation, organization and utilization.

451 (651) Children’s Literature (3) Survey of the history of children's literature and examination of materials suitable for children in grades K-9 to use for leisure time or classroom activities. Criteria for selecting books, magazines, recordings, films, videos, and computer software. Story telling and other strategies for developing appreciation of literature.

452 (652) Books and Non-Print Materials for Adolescents and Adults (3) Examination and study of materials suitable for young adults in grades 10-12 to use for leisure time or classroom activities and for adults’ recreational and informational activities. Criteria for selecting books, magazines, recordings, films, videos, and computer software. Strategies for encouraging literacy and principles of materials selection.

475 (675) Introduction to Educational Media-Materials, Techniques, and Preparation (3) Designed to introduce prospective teachers to the problems of educational communication, the materials for use, and the significant characteristics of these materials and competencies necessary for effective use of the media and technology. Special emphasis given to preparation of media materials.

476 (676) Advanced Educational Media Production (3) The theory, art, and technology of planning and producing visual and auditory materials for instruction. Emphasizes advanced production techniques for transparencies, slides, audio tape, graphics, and video. Culminates in the production of multi-media self-instructional learning package.