CURRICULA FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION (K-12 and Preschool/Early Childhood Licensure)

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Education with a major in Special Education, with specialization in either Special Education Modified (K-12) or Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood, is offered for those students who complete the outlined program of study. The program includes clock hours of clinical laboratory experiences, directed observations, and limited participation in classroom settings, and a semester long program of supervised student teaching.


I. Communications (9 hours)

        English 111-112 or equivalent honors courses

        Communications 230

II. Humanities (6 hours)

        English Literature

        Art, Music, Theatre, or Dance Appreciation

III. Social Sciences (12 hours)

        History 201-202

        Electives chosen from each of the following areas:

        Geography 151-152, Political Science 210, 220

IV. Mathematics and Computers (12 hours)

        Math 140

        Math 191-192

        Human Learning 311

V. Science (16 hours)

        Biology 110-120

        Physical Laboratory Science

Vl. Health and Human Performance (6 hours)

        Health 111

        Health 320