Special studies in many facets of crop production and soil science are emphasized in this curriculum. Studies include soil origin and management, soil resource utilization, plant reproduction including genetics and breeding, fertilizer formulation and use, pesticides, crop management, and ornamental horticulture. Practical applications of basic principles are illustrated with field trips; research in plant breeding, nutrition, management, and physiology at the Experiment Station; and visits to farms and industries. A student may emphasize technology (production), science, or business phases of the plant and soil sciences according to individual interests.

Many career opportunities are available with various federal and state agencies, including the Agricultural Extension Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service. Other opportunities are available in various industries associated with agriculture, including feed, seed, fertilizer, and chemical companies; agricultural supply and equipment companies; agricultural communications and public relations; conservation and recreation; and banking, credit appraisal, and sales.


Agric 410, 441 6
Ag ET 220 3
Biol 336 3
Bot 421 3
Chem 310 3
Econ 202 3
Micro 251 or 310 4
Pl Sci 322, 333, 431, 433 12
Soil Sci 315, 412 6
Zool 325 3
Agric Elective 6
Ag Econ Elective 3
Agric ET Elective 3
English or Communications Speaking or Writing Elective 3
General Electives (Agric 420 recommended)