The Department of Military Science supervises and coaches the ROTC Rifle Team which represents UT Martin in intercollegiate ROTC competition. The ROTC Team is open only to students who are enrolled in a military science course.


The Department of Military Science supervises and coaches the ROTC Drill Team. The ROTC Drill Team is an elite, highly trained, precision drill and ceremony team. Dedication and hard work are required for membership to perfect the split second timing and cohesive team work necessary to achieve the impressive performance admired by viewers, along with participation in the ROTC program. The ROTC Color Guard is derived from the Drill Team. The Color Guard participates at intercollegiate athletic, University, and community events.


The Rangers are a highly trained, elite, and motivated organization under the direction of advanced course ROTC students and supervised by the Department of Military Science cadre. Membership in the Rangers is limited to students who are enrolled in Military Science and interested in developing skills associated with patrolling, mountaineering, survival training, weapons, and similar activities. Members must meet medical standards required of contracted ROTC cadets and maintain a GPA of 2.3 or higher.


The ROTC Honor Society provides military science students the opportunity to raise the standard of military education at UT Martin for academic exploration and student development. Membership exposes participants to a wide range of ideas and standards within the military community. Activities are based on service to the university, the community, and the Nation. Membership is extended to military science students who have shown evidence of high scholastic achievement and leadership potential.


The UT Martin Commandos is an elite organization of motivated ROTC cadets that have developed a special interest in land navigation, first aid, weaponry, small unit tactics, rappelling, and survival skills. Individual skills are tested monthly by organized excursions into the woods and field to increase knowledge and sharpen ability levels as individuals and as team members. Under the supervision of the Department of Military Science, the commandos meet as required for information exchange and weekend planning.