Athletics Board: 2017-2018

PURPOSE : The Athletics Board advises the UT Martin Chancellor, UT President, and UT Board of Trustees on the status and projected needs of intercollegiate athletics at UT Martin; expands the base of financial and public support among several constituencies, including Trustees, UT System administration, alumni, faculty, staff, legislators, students, and the general public, particularly in the State of Tennessee; and reviews periodically and advises the Chancellor and Office of Intercollegiate Athletics on matters such as personnel, budget, ticket policies, student fees, schedules, conference memberships, recruitment policies, facilities, and public relations.

COMPOSITION :Representatives of the UT Board of Trustees; UT President; UT Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer; UT Martin Chancellor; Vice Chancellors; Chief Communications Officer; Faculty Senate President; Faculty Senate President-elect; Director of Intercollegiate Athletics; Senior Woman Administrator - Intercollegiate Athletics; Registrar; Coordinators of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Laboratories; Chancellor’s Roundtable Chair; Alumni Council President; Northwest Tennessee Region UTM Alumni Chapter President; Skyhawk Club President; Student Government Association President; and Undergraduate Alumni Council representative.

The UT Martin Faculty Athletics Representative appointed by the Chancellor shall be chair. In addition to the chair, there shall be five (5) faculty members appointed for three year terms with at least one member rotating off each year, one (1) Employee Relations Council representative, one (1) administrative staff representative, one (1) alumni representative, and two (2) each men's and women's player representatives (one representative must be the SAAC President). The Chancellor, as appointing authority, shall ensure adequate minority representation on the Athletics Board.



*Mr. Crawford Gallimore, UT Trustee

*Ms. Julia Wells, UT Trustee

*Dr. Jefferson Rogers, UTM Faculty Member of UT Trustees (voting year of membership)

*Ms. Miranda Rutan, UTM Student Member of UT Trustees (voting year of membership)

*Dr. Joe DiPietro, UT President

*Dr. Tonja Johnson, UT Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

*Dr. Keith Carver, Chancellorr

*Dr. Jerald Ogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Ms. Petra McPhearson, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Dr. Margaret Toston, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

*Mr. Andy Wilson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Mr. Bud Grimes, Chief Communications Officer

*Mr. Bob Bradley, President, Faculty Senate

*Dr. Chris Caldwell, President-elect, Faculty Senate

*Mr. Mike Swaim, Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

*Ms. Danelle Fabianich, Senior Woman Administrator, Intercollegiate Athletics

*Ms. Martha Barnett, Interim Registrar

*Mr. John Bush, Mathematics Laboratory Coordinator

*Dr. Karen DiBella, Reading Center Director

*Ms. Anna Clark, Writing Laboratory Coordinator

*Mr. Jim Glasgow, Chair, Chancellor’s Roundtable (2017)

*Ms. Shannon Cotter, President or designee, UTM Alumni Council (2017)

*Ms. Betsy Robinson, President or designee, Northwest Tennessee Region UTM Alumni Chapter (2017)

*Mr. Andy Collins, President, Skyhawk Club (2017)

*Ms. Josh Diltz, SGA President (2017)

*Mr. Logan Hunt, Undergraduate Alumni Council Representative (2017)

*Dr. John Schommer, Faculty Representative, Chair (2017)

Dr. Laura Brown, Faculty Representative (2017)

Dr. Dexter Davis, Faculty Representative (2017)

Dr. Deb Gibson, Faculty Representative (2018)

Dr. Angie MacKewn, Faculty Representative (2018)

Mr. Sam Richardson, Faculty Representative (2019)

Mr. Jeffrey Hart, Employee Relations Council Representative (2017)

Mr. Fred Mooney, Administrative Staff Representative (2017)

Ms. Candace Tate, UT Martin Alumni Representative (2017)

Mr. Chandler Rowe, Men's Player Representative (2017)

Mr. Austin Swafford, Men's Player Representative (2017)

Ms. Brigitte Curcio, Women's Player Representative (2017)

Ms. Brooke Kennedy, Women's Player Representative – SAAC President (2017)

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Board)