Administrative Committee on Committees: 2018-2019

PURPOSE: The Administrative Committee on Committees is responsible for recommending faculty and staff representatives to standing administrative committees where appropriate.


COMPOSITION: Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Chief Communications Officer, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Equity and Diversity Officer, President of Faculty Senate, and six (6) faculty members. (Three (3) faculty members are nominated and elected for two year terms by the faculty at large each spring.) The chair of the committee is elected by the outgoing Committee.





*Dr. Keith Carver, Chancellor

*Dr. Philip Acree Cavalier, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Dr. Andy Lewter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

*Ms. Petra McPhearson, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Mr. Andy Wilson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Ms. Edie Gibson, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

*Mr. Bud Grimes, Chief Communications Officer

*Mr. Kurt McGuffin, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

*Mr. Joe Henderson, Equity and Diversity Officer

*Dr. Renee LaFleur, President, Faculty Senate

Dr. Trisha Capansky, Faculty Representative, (2020)

Dr. Daphne Henderson, Faculty Representative (2020)

Dr. Nathan Howard, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Jamye Long, Faculty Representative, (2019) Chair

Mr. David McBeth, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Daniel Nappo, Faculty Representative (2020)