Appeals Committee on Undergraduate Readmission: 2017-2018

PURPOSE : The Appeals Committee on Undergraduate Readmission addresses the appeals of a student who is academically ineligible for failing to meet the minimum academic requirements for continuation at The University of Tennessee at Martin.  Readmission may be obtained upon approval by this Committee after presentation of adequate evidence of ability, maturity, and motivation.  No student refused readmission may re‑enter the University until the approval of this Committee has been obtained.

COMPOSITION : Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Student Engagement; two (2) staff members from Student Affairs; a representative from Student Success Center; a representative from the Division of Academic Affairs; a representative from the Faculty Senate; Assistant Director of Admissions; Admissions Counselor; and one representative serving a two‑year term from each of the academic colleges:  Agriculture and Applied Sciences; Business and Global Affairs; Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences; Engineering and Natural Sciences; and Humanities and Fine Arts.  For each hearing on an individual student, the dean of that student's college (or the dean's designee) sits on the committee.  The Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Student Engagement will serve as chair.

REPORTING CHANNEL : Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


*Dr. Jamie Mantooth, Exec. Dir. of Enrollment Services and Student Engagement, Chair

*Ms. Shannon Perry, Student Conduct Officer

*Mr. Tommy McGlown, Conditional Admissions Coordinator, Student Success Center

*Dr. Victoria Seng, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Dr. Jason Devito, Faculty Senate Representative (2017)

Dr. Emalee Buttrey, Agriculture and Applied Sciences (2017)

Dr. Nell Gullett, Business and Global Affairs (2018)

Dr. Peggy Davis, Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (2017)

Dr. Greg Nail, Engineering and Natural Sciences (2018)

Dr. Daniel Nappo, Humanities and Fine Arts (2018)

Dean or designee of student's college

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)