Equity and Diversity Advisory Council: 2014-2015

PURPOSE : The Equity and Diversity Advisory Council is a standing committee whose members are appointed by the Administrative Committee on Committees to:

  1. review the Affirmative Action Plan;
  2. recommend implementation procedures which may result in improved operation or expedite achievement of goals in hiring;
  3. participate actively in communicating the purpose of affirmative action to the university community;
  4. carry out any specific charges given by the Chancellor;
  5. provide a subcommittee to hear appeals as specified in the Affirmative Action Plan; and if necessary, appeals concerning Americans with Disabilities Act.

COMPOSITION :Equity and Diversity Officer (non voting), Director of Human Resources, Intercollegiate Athletics representative, Employee Relations Council representative, Personnel Policies Committee representative, a Persons with Disabilities representative, a Veteran representative, four faculty members serving two year terms, Student Government Association representative, exempt staff representative, and non exempt staff representative. The Committee will be chaired by the Equity and Diversity Officer.



*Dr. Gail Stephens, Interim Equity and Diversity Officer, Chair

*Mr. Phil Bright, Director of Human Resources

  Ms. Danelle Fabianich, Intercollegiate Athletics Representative (2015)

  Ms. Tenna Bynum, Employee Relations Council Representative (2015)

  Dr. Chris Caldwell, Personnel Policies Committee Representative (2015)

  Mr. Will Flowers, Persons with Disabilities Representative (2015)

  Ms. Jenny Harrison, Veteran Representative (2015)

  Dr. Julie Floyd, Faculty Representative (2016)

  Dr. Joaquin Goyret, Faculty Representative (2015)

  Dr. Mahmoud Haddad, Faculty Representative (2015)

  Dr. Cherry Watts, Faculty Representative (2016)

  Ms. Chantia Brown, SGA Representative (2015)

  Mr. Charley Deal, Exempt Staff Representative (2015)

  Ms. Stephanie Maxwell, Non-Exempt Staff Representative (2015)

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)