Faculty Research and Development Committee: 2014-2015

PURPOSE : The Faculty Research and Development Committee prepares guidelines, evaluates applications, and recommends recipients for grants designed to provide faculty members an opportunity to engage in organized study programs and/or introduce course innovations. The Committee also encourages participation in and support of research by faculty and students. The Committee makes possible the interaction of representatives from many areas and programs and provides a means of emphasizing the role of research in the University’s mission.

COMPOSITION :Two (2) faculty representatives from each academic college and one (1) from the Paul Meek Library to serve two-year overlapping terms. A faculty representative elected by the outgoing Committee will serve as chair and the Director of Research, Grants, and Contracts will serve as secretary and a non voting member.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


*Dr. Joan West, Director of Research, Grants, and Contracts, Secretary

  Dr. Paula Gale, Agriculture and Applied Sciences (2015)

  Dr. Joey Mehlhorn, Agriculture and Applied Sciences (2016)

  Dr. Sean Walker, Business and Global Affairs (2015)

  Dr. Glenna Sumner, Business and Global Affairs (2016)

  Dr. Betty Cox, Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (2015)

  Dr. Joe Ostenson, Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (2016)

  Dr. Jared Teague, Engineering and Natural Sciences (2015)

  Dr. Jennifer Greenwood, Engineering and Natural Sciences (2016)

  Mr. David McBeth, Humanities and Fine Arts, Chair (2015)

  Dr. Randy Garza, Humanities and Fine Arts (2016)

  Dr. Chuck Julian, Paul Meek Library (2016)

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)