Honors and Ceremonies Committee: 2016-2017

PURPOSE : The Honors and Ceremonies Committee assists the University in establishing ceremonial policies. The Committee coordinates Honors Day activities with the administrative office responsible for the awards program and approves or rejects applications for new awards. The Committee is also responsible for recommending prospective speakers for the campus.

COMPOSITION : Representative of administrative office responsible for coordinating Honors Day, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Registrar, four (4) faculty members appointed by the Administrative Committee on Committees for overlapping two year terms, and two (2) Honors Programs student representatives. A faculty representative elected by the outgoing Committee will serve as chair and the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will serve as secretary.



*Ms. Dorothy Gillon, Honors Day Representative

*Mr. Andy Wilson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Dr. Jerald Ogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Secretary

*Ms. Edie Gibson, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

*Ms. Martha Barnett, Interim Registrar

Dr. Joseph Frye, Faculty Representative (2018)

Dr. Mary Geddie, Faculty Representative (2018)

Dr. Arthur Hunt, Faculty Representative (2017)

Dr. Phillip Shelton, Faculty Representative, Chair, (2017)

Ms. Georgia Brown, Honors Programs Student Representative (2017)

Ms. Victoria Seng, Honors Programs Student Representative (2017)

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)