Publications Committee: 2013-2014

PURPOSE : The Publications Committee establishes policies governing student publications, appoints qualified students to editorial positions of the yearbook and the campus newspaper, nominates faculty sponsors, and recommends budgets of official student publications.  No campus student publication may solicit advertising without this committee's approval.  It is the Committee's responsibility to see that publications meet standards of objectivity and taste that are consistent with the Committee's own Code of Ethics and Policy Guide. Official student publications, funded all or in part by university-collected funds, must be approved by this Committee.  The Committee has authority to reprimand or replace student staff as well as to recommend salaries and commissions.  The Committee shall also study ways to integrate experience gained into the Department of Communications curriculum.

COMPOSITION : Director of University Relations, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, Chair of the Department of Communications, Sports Information Director, five (5) faculty members serving two‑year terms, SGA President, three (3) students appointed by the Student Government Association President and approved by the Student Senate, and one UT Martin graduate familiar with journalism.  The chair of the Committee is selected by the outgoing Committee.

REPORTING CHANNEL : Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


*Mr. Bud Grimes, Director of University Relations

*Dr. Jerald Ogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Ms. Nancy Yarbrough, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Dr. Margaret Toston, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

*Mr. Andy Wilson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Mr. Julio Freire, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

*Mr. Ryan Rickman, Interim Director of Sports Information

*Dr. Robert Nanney, Chair of Communications, Chair

  Mr. Chuck Doss, UT Martin Graduate (2014)

  Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls, Faculty Representative (2014)

  Dr. Neil Graves, Faculty Representative (2015)

  Mr. Lane Last, Faculty Representative (2014)

  Dr. Kevin Pitz, Faculty Representative (2015)

  Ms. Cindy West, Faculty Representative (2014)

  Mr. Rick Drewry, SGA President (2014)

  Ms. Syrena Flowers, SGA Representative (2014)

  Mr. Joe Nelson, SGA Representative (2014)

  Mr. Willie Robertson, SGA Representative (2014)

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)