Safety Committee: 2016-2017

PURPOSE : The Safety Committee is charged to identify or anticipate hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions on campus and make appropriate recommendations for correction, including periodic reviews of lists of such conditions submitted by state, local, or campus officials, such as OSHA and TOSHA standards.

COMPOSITION :Director of Public Safety, Manager of Business Services, Director of Student Housing, Director of Physical Plant, Director of Boling University Center, Safety Officer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Director of Student Health, Chair of Department of Nursing, one (1) non-exempt staff representative, and the Student Government Association Vice President. The Director of Public Safety will serve as chair, and the Director of Business Affairs will serve as secretary.

REPORTING CHANNEL : Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


*Mr. Scott Robbins, Director of Public Safety, Chair

*Ms. Lori Donavant, Manager of Business Services, Secretary

*Mr. Ryan Martin, Director of Student Housing Designee

*Mr. Tim Nipp, Director of Physical Plant

*Mr. Frederick Mooney, Director of Campus Events Services and University Center

*Mr. Ted Council, Safety Officer

*Dr. Victoria Seng, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Ms. Shannon Deal, Director of Student Health and Counseling Services

*Dr. Mary Radford, Chair of Nursing

*Mr. Bryan Dean, Non‑Exempt Staff Representative

*Mr. Ryan Leatherbarrow, SGA Vice President or designee (2017)

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)