Traffic and Parking Authority Committee: 2018-2019

PURPOSE: The Traffic and Parking Authority Committee reviews and recommends policies, rules, and regulations governing vehicular traffic on campus. The Committee also recommends penalties for categories of infractions of traffic and parking regulations. This Committee was established by Board of Trustees action on June 20, 1968. A subcommittee composed of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student member from this group will hear appeals of penalties levied against students, faculty, or staff for violations of campus traffic and parking regulations as publicized in "Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations" and render judgments on such appeals. Appeals must be made in writing within 14 days of the citation date with the responsibility for stating reasons why the penalties should not be levied resting upon the appealing party.


COMPOSITION: Director of Public Safety, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or designee, Vice President of Student Government Association, three (3) other students appointed by SGA President and approved by Student Senate, three (3) faculty members, and three (3) staff members with at least one exempt and one non-exempt position represented. The Director of Public Safety will serve as chair.


REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration



*Mr. Scott Robbins, Director of Public Safety, Chair

*Dr. Annie Jones, Student Affairs Designee

*Mr. Hunter McCloud, SGA Vice President Designee (2019)

*Mr. Jacob Butler, SGA Representative (2019)

*Ms. Zharia Martin, SGA Representative (2019)

*Mr. Michael Samko, SGA Representative (2019)

Dr. Randy Garza, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Misganaw Getaneh, Faculty Representative (2019)

Ms. Alicia Donaldson, Faculty Representative, (2019)

Ms. Debra Craig, Non-Exempt Staff Member (2019)

Mr. John Abel, Exempt Staff Member (2019)

Ms. Beth Edwards, Exempt Staff Member (2019)

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)