University Council: 2018-2019

PURPOSE: The University Council was established by the Chancellor and delegated review of the following functions: approval and control of student organizations and adoption of standards of conduct and disciplinary procedures involving misconduct or delinquencies of students. Subcommittees of five members, in addition to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, serving as a non-voting chairperson, shall serve as appeal boards (or as the initial hearing boards) for disciplinary cases and appeals of grades alleged to be lower than academically earned. However, the Chancellor shall retain ultimate control and authority and shall be responsible to the President and the Board of Trustees for all final actions and decisions in these areas.


COMPOSITION: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Student Conduct Officer, two (2) academic deans serving two year terms with one rotating off each year, President elect of Faculty Senate, five (5) faculty members serving two year terms, and six (6) executive officers of the Student Government Association or designees selected from SGA Senate. The Committee will be chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.





*Dr. Andy Lewter, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Chair

*Mr. Andy Wilson, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

*Dr. Philip Acree Cavalier, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

*Ms. Petra McPhearson, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Ms. Shannon Perry, Student Conduct Officer

*Dr. Shadow Robinson, Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences (2019)

*Dr. Lynn Alexander, Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts (2020)

*Dr. Philip Smartt, President-elect, Faculty Senate (2019)

Mr. Andrew Brown, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Brian Carroll, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Ann Gathers, Faculty Representative (2020)

Dr. Malcolm Koch, Faculty Representative (2019)

Dr. Ed Wheeler, Faculty Representative (2020)

Mr. Devin Majors, SGA President (2019)

Mr. Brandon Anderson, SGA Vice President (2019)

Ms. Esmeralda Mejorado, SGA Secretary General (2019)

Mr. Ashton Sawyers, SGA Representative (2019)

Mr. Gill Whitaker, SGA Representative (2019)

Mr. Luke Winters, SGA Representative (2019)

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)