University Calendar Committee: 2014-2015

PURPOSE : The University Calendar Committee is responsible for recommending all class scheduling dates including when classes begin and end, semester breaks, study days, and commencement exercises for the University. These dates must conform to the Faculty Senate designated instruction time for semester weeks and class minutes.

COMPOSITION : Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Registrar, Faculty Senate President-elect, Faculty Senate Committee on Instruction Chair, two (2) students appointed by the Student Government President and approved by the Student Senate, and five (5) faculty members representing each of the five colleges serving two-year terms. The Committee will be chaired by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.



*Dr. Jerald Ogg, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Chair

*Dr. Margaret Toston, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

*Ms. Nancy Yarbrough, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

*Ms. Brandy Cartmell, Interim Exec. Dir., Student Engagement & Director of Academic Records/Registrar

*Dr. Roberto Mancusi, President-elect, Faculty Senate

*Dr. Dan Pigg, Chair, Committee on Instruction

*Mr. Josh Ditz, SGA Representative (2015)

*Ms. Tanna Norman, SGA Representative (2015)

  Dr. Marti Herndon, Agriculture and Applied Sciences (2015)

  Dr. Christy Chin, Business and Global Affairs (2016)

  Dr. Michelle Merwin, Education, Health, and Behavioral Sciences (2015)

  Dr. Doug Sterrrett, Engineering and Natural Sciences (2016)

  Dr. Teresa Collard, Humanities and Fine Arts (2015)

  (*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)