Web Site Committee: 2017-2018

PURPOSE: The Web Site Committee is responsible for establishing standards for the UT Martin web site that will enhance ease of use and market a consistent, positive image of all units within the University. Any request for exceptions to the standards must be presented in writing to the Web Site Committee for consideration. The Committee will meet as needed to review current standards, recommend changes, or consider requests for exceptions to the standards. The Committee will not set standards for individual faculty, staff, or student pages. The Committee will consult with the Academic Affairs staff, the Student Government Association, and the University Web Site staff in the Information Technology Center, as appropriate. Membership on the committee will be reviewed, as needed.


COMPOSITION: University Advancement representative, Bursar’s Office representative, Information Technology Services Chief Information Officer, Instructional Technology Center and Web Services Director, Student Affairs representative, Chief Communications Officer, and faculty representative. The Committee will be chaired by the Information Technology Services Chief Information Officer.


REPORTING CHANNEL: Chief Communications Officer



*Ms. Amy Belew, Interim Information Technology Services Chief Information Officer, Chair

*Dr. Charley Deal, University Advancement Representative

*Ms. Leanna Stephenson, Bursar’s Office Representative

*Mr. Craig Ingram, Information Technology Center & Web Services Director

*Mr. Tony Warmath, Student Affairs Representative

*Mr. Bud Grimes, Chief Communications Officer

*Mr. Rodney Freed, Faculty Representative

(*Indicates ex‑officio member of the Committee)