How to Approve a Proposal in Cayuse

From your Cayuse Sponsored Programs Home page, click on “Unit Approval Inbox”


Pictured of the Home page with the home button (top left) and unit approval inbox link (bottom) circled


In the yellow “To be Authorized” tab, click on the number of the proposal you wish to review:


;To be Authorized tab' with to be authorized and a proposal number circled


To review the information entered about the proposal, click on the pdf icon. Alternately, you can click on the proposal number to review the information a page at a time.


Proposal Routing Status screen with the pdf icon (next to the proposal number) circled


To review the documents (proposal application, budget, etc.) attached to the Cayuse proposal entry, click on the Attachments icon:


Proposal Routing Status screen with the paper clip attacments icon (bottom right) circled


When you are ready to Approve the proposal, click the “Authorize Proposal” button:


Proposal Routing Status screen with 'Authorize Proposal' circled and 'Reject Proposal' marked out


Please DO NOT click the “Reject Proposal” button – instead, if you have questions or corrections to the proposal, contact the Office of Research, Grants, and Contracts. ORGC staff will work with you to resolve the issues, if at all possible.


On the Proposal Authorization page, click on the “Submit Authorization” button to complete the approval process.


Proposal authorization screen with 'submit proposal' button (bottom right, left of the cancel button) circled


Access Cayuse

Access Cayuse


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