How to Certify a Proposal in Cayuse

From your Cayuse Sponsored Projects home page, click on “PI Certification Inbox”:


Home Screen with PI Certification Inbox circled


In the yellow “To be Certified” tab, click on the number of the proposal you wish to certify:


PI Certification Inbox with 'To Be Certified' and a proposal number circled


To see a pdf of all the information entered about the proposal, click on the pdf icon. Alternately, you can click on the proposal number to look at the entry pages one at a time.


Proposal Routing Status with the pdf icon (to the right of the proposal number) circled


If you have questions or corrections to any information, contact either Jennifer Cooper (; 7011) or Dr. West (; 7015) in the Office of Research, Grants, and Contracts and we will make them for you. You cannot make changes to the Cayuse entry once it has been routed for certification and approval.


To review the documents attached to the proposal entry (the proposal application, the budget, etc.), click on the attachments tab:


Proposal Routing Status page with the paper clip attachment button circled (bottom right)


When you are ready to certify, click the “Certify Proposal” button:


Proposal Routing Status page with the Certify Proposal button circled


On the Proposal Certification page, click the “Submit Certification” button to complete the process.


Proposal Certification page with the Submit Certification button (bottom right, left of the cancel button) circled


Note that the proposal you certified is no longer in the yellow “To Be Certified” tab; it has moved to the green “Previously Reviewed” tab.


Sponsored Projects page with the 'Previously Reviewed' tab circled and an arrow pointing to the first project number


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