Cayuse Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the URL for Cayuse?

I’m having trouble logging in – what should I do?

  • Enter your netid (“abc123”) and password to log in
  • If you’re unable to successfully logged in to Cayuse, try clearing the cookies out of Cayuse. For instructions, go to
  • If you’re still unable to log into Cayuse, contact Jennifer Cooper in the Office or Research, Grants, and Contracts (ORGC) at phone extension 7011 or Your IRIS/Net ID information may need to be updated in a way that allows you to access Cayuse.
  • To prevent future log-in problems, log out fully each time you finish a session in Cayuse: Click “log out” on each tab of Cayuse, then close the tab. This should eliminate the need to clear cookies.

After I log in, there are two choices for Research Administration Module – which one do I use?

Select “Cayuse SP (Sponsored Research)”

What’s the other Research Administration Module, “Cayuse 424” used for?

The ORGC staff use the Cayuse 424 module in some cases to submit proposals to the federal government. We’ll take care of handling that for you, so you never need to access 424.

I can’t find an organization (such as a sponsor, subcontractor, or cost-sharing organization) in Cayuse – how do I add it?

Notify Jennifer Cooper at that the organization needs to be added to the database.


As a temporary measure, type “not listed” in the search box, then select “Sponsor not listed” as a placeholder until the organization is added to the database.

I can’t find a UTM person I need to add on the Investigator/Research Team page – what should I do?

Notify Jennifer Cooper at that the person is not in the database. The person’s IRIS information may need to be updated so he/she is included in the Cayuse database.

What happened to my old awards and proposals from TERA PAMS, the former sponsored projects data management system?

The proposals and awards in TERA PAMS were transferred to Evisions. Evisions has been renamed to Cayuse. Proposals had to be given new i.d. numbers, but award numbers are the same as they were in PAMS.

Access Cayuse

Access Cayuse


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