The Atlas of West Tennessee






The Atlas of West Tennessee (AWT) is an on-line resource containing a variety of maps and statistical data for the area within the state of Tennessee that is between the Mississippi River and Tennessee River.


Map subjects include:

  • General reference map showing counties, cities, and water features
  • Population levels and population increases per county
  • Unemployment levels per county
  • Labor union activity per county
  • Civil War battle sites in West Tennessee
  • Voting patterns of the 2000 presidential election
  • ... and more!

All of the maps and the website itself were designed by UT Martin geography majors Whitney D. Durham and Gareth T. Turner during the 2000-2001 academic year. They have not been updated or corrected, so some errors (especially with info links) may occur while browsing.


Click on the AWT map icon above to view the many maps and data sets that are now available.

Important note: The AWT's pages should view properly with Explorer 5.5 + and Netscape 6.01 . Unfortunately, older browsers such as Netscape 4.7 may not allow all pages to be viewed as intended.