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Requirements for the Major in Geography


In order to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Geoscience - Geography from UT Martin, the student must successfully complete a structured-but-flexible geoscience and general education curriculum.


This includes the following:

  • All four of the following introductory geography courses:
    • GEOG 151 (Intro to Regional Geography: North America, Europe, & Russia) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 152 (Intro to Regional Geography: Africa, Asia, & Latin America) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 201 (Introduction to Physical Geography) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 202 (Introduction to Cultural Geography) - 3 credit hours
  • The following methodology course:
    • GEOG 210 (Methods in Geoscience) - 2 credit hours
  • The following meteorology course :
    • GEOG 305 (Principles of Meteorology) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 352 (International Tourism) - 3 credit hours
  • One of the following three regional geography courses:
    • GEOG 365 (Tennessee's Geologic & Cultural Landscapes) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 380 (Geography of North America) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 381 (Geography of Europe) - 3 credit hours
  • One of the following three thematic geography courses:
    • GEOG 461 (Economic Geography) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 462 (Political Geography) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 472 (Climatology) - 3 credit hours
  • One of the following two geographical techniques courses:
    • GEOG 310 (Principles of Geographic Information Systems) - 3 credit hours
    • GEOG 471 (Cartography) - 3 credit hours
  • Twelve additional credit hours of upper division geography courses (electives)
  • The minor degree requirements from any program at UT Martin outside of Geography
  • The UT Martin Bachelor of Science degree requirements
  • The UT Martin General Education degree requirements


  • Grades of C or higher must be made in every Geography course used to complete the major.
  • These requirements are based on the 2008-2009 UT Martin Undergraduate Catalog . The content of this page is not binding and any errors on this page are always superseded by requirements specified in a published catalog.
  • Requirements may be different for students declaring a catalog issued during a different academic year.

At UT Martin, students are allowed to satisfy the requirements for a bachelor's degree under any catalog in effect within 10 years of the date of graduation and provided that they were enrolled at UT Martin or any other Tennessee public community college when the catalog was in effect. However, this does not obligate the university to offer a discontinued course.


For more information about UT Martin's general education requirements, go to the main page of the Office of Academic Records and click on the "University Catalog" link.