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It may hit you quickly, or it may sneak across you slow: “It’s time I finished my degree.” Things will never be perfect - there will always be bills, or the kids need you, or that demanding job - but if you don’t start today, time will run by so fast that you’ll never get to it. So start soon, apply today, and see how close you really are!


I’m probably not the only one out there who’s taken classes here and there but then had to stop again. The demands of work or family became so much that I could no longer do it all, and classes were put on the back burner yet again, another “someday” dream. And so I had this long trail of classes out behind me, from different schools and in no useful pattern. When I’d start again my friends would joke that I’d be 90 before I finally finished. I laughed with them, but cried a little too…


But that was where UT Martin really helped - in particular the Interdisciplinary Program, and the online classes.


The Interdisciplinary Program allowed me to put together a program that combined my own interests (in my case it was Business & Psychology, but there are certainly other combinations you could choose.) This program also made amazing use of my previous coursework, giving me elective credit for some classes I had pretty much written off as useless. UT Martin also accepts a wide range of CLEP and DSST tests, so you can think about testing out of some classes if you’re already familiar with the subject.


The online aspect of the classes meant I did the weekly homework when it fit in with my schedule. I read the chapters during my lunch hours; listened to lectures over dinner (instead of watching some worthless TV show!); and took tests and wrote papers on the weekends when I felt the most awake and energetic. The asynchronous classes are far better for busy adults who may not want to drive across town and sit in some classroom for 3 hours a week, but who DO have the self-motivation to set goals for themselves and then do what it takes to meet those goals.


And that’s the key: to succeed in this you must be self-motivated. The professors and the staff will do a lot to help and encourage you, but at the end of the day it’s us - the students - who must do the work.


With the interesting classes available through the Interdisciplinary Program, and the convenience of them being online (and asynchronous!), I was able to finish a lot sooner than I ever dreamed. I graduated the day before my 49th birthday, and started grad school just a few weeks after that.


And if I can do it, so can you. Try it. I bet you can…


Summer Johnston
UTM BIS Graduate May 2015



I enjoyed the time and challenges I faced at the University of Tennessee at Martin. The BIS Program is a great program for working adults. The workload, along with my busy schedule was demanding at times. This only helped to make me a stronger person. There are some wonderful people in the BIS Department that will be your biggest supporters. Derrick Head took the time to tutor me in order to see me succeed. Beth Edwards was always there to answer questions or to be a shoulder to lean on. Beth gave me the strength and courage to finish my degree.


I learned many skills that prepared me for the next chapter, while attending the BIS Program at UTM. Since graduation I have gotten a job promotion. I am now in the Master of Business Administration in Construction Management Program at Norwich University in Vermont. Much of the knowledge I gained in the BIS program at UTM has been of great benefit in these classes. Because of the BIS program I have been prepared for the subject matter and workload. I am scheduled to graduate in June of 2016. Will there be yet another chapter? Only time will tell. The staff at UTM BIS Program is still there encouraging me to succeed. Who knows one day I may be teaching at UTM.


Larry Gallimore
UTM BIS Graduate Fall 2014

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