How to Pay Fees

Bursar's Office - Student Accounts


Note:  Everyone must confirm classes, even if you do not owe any fees, in order to keep your classes!  Anyone that does not confirm by the drop date will have his or her classes dropped.  You cannot confirm classes if you owe any fees that are not covered by financial aid and/or scholarships!


To pay fees and/or confirm classes, you may log on to your Banner Self Service account or you may visit the customer service windows of the first floor of the Hall-Moody Administration Building, or you may mail your payments in.


Web Payment Instructions:

If you have financial aid and/or scholarships that will pay 100% of your fees, or you plan to pay your fees with a Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or Web Check, you can do this over the web.

  1.  Go to
  2.  Log in to myUTMartin portal
First three letters of first name; middle initial; first four letters of last name
Example:  Kathy A. Smith = katasmit
Password (default password scheme; web update 2/7/07)
xxxx = last four digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
Mmm = 3-letter abbreviation of birth month (Jan, Feb, etc.)
yy = two-digit birth year
Example:  If your SSN is 444-55-1234, and you were born June 1984, then your password would be
  3.  Click on Banner tab at the top of the screen.
  4.  Click on Student Services.
  5.  Click on Student Records.
       If you owe a balance on your account, continue to step 6 to make your payment.
       If you have financial aid and/or scholarships paying all of your fees, skip to step 13.
  6.  Click on Online Payments and Deposits (including Putting Money on Skyhawk Card).
  7.  Click on "Online Payments/E-Bills/E-Checks/E-Refunds..."
  8.  Click on Payments tab at the top.
  9.  Under "Action", click on Pay.
10.  Select a Payment Method at the bottom, click on Go.
11.  Complete the selected payment screen and click Continue.
12.  Follow directions to complete your payment.

Confirmation Instructions:

1.  Go back to the Student Records menu.
2.  Click on Confirm Plans to Attend.
3.  Select the Term you Wish to Confirm and click Continue.
4.  Click on Send Notification (Confirm Plans to Attend).

Mailing Instructions:

Business Affairs must receive the following by 5:00 p.m. on drop day:
  1. Confirmation of enrollment card
      Please complete all necessary parts of the card.
  2. Fee discount form, if applicable
      Please make sure the form is filled out completely and signed.
  3. Your payment

Personal checks submitted must have your student ID number written on them to ensure proper credit. If you prefer not to have your ID number on your check, please submit payment by another method. University staff will write student ID numbers on checks when a student has not done so already. Mail payments to 116 Administration Building, Martin, TN 38238-0002.

Payments are also accepted at the Business Affairs office.

Updated:  12/01/09

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