Fitness Class Schedule & Descriptions

UTM Fit Group Fitness Fall 2014 (September 2nd-December 5th)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:15pm   Tabata w/Shelley
Field House 2068
4pm Studio Cycling w/Kimberly   Studio Cycling w/Kimberly  
5pm Body Sculpting w/LaCardia Total Body Blast w/Noreli Body Sculpting w/LaCardia Total Body Blast w/Olivia
5:30pm AquaFit w/Donna* Kalorie Blast (F/S only) w/Kresarah Kalorie Blast (F/S only) w/Kresarah
6pm Shake & Shimmy Cardio w/Noreli Ab Lab w/Noreli(30 min.)

Yoga w/Riley(6:30pm)
Shake & Shimmy Cardio w/Noreli Ab Lab w/Olivia(30 min.)

Yoga w/Riley(6:30pm)
7pm Ab Lab w/Julie(30 min.)   Ab Lab w/Julie(30 min.)  
7:30pm The Freshmen 15 w/Julie* Cycle n Guns w/Heidi The Freshmen 15 w/Julie* Cycle n Guns w/Heidi

*AquaFit meets at the Elam Center Pool. Community patrons are welcome with an Elam Center membership or a $3 guest pass


*The Freshmen 15 is a free specialty UTM Fit class that participants must register for. Contact Julie at


Fall 2014 Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Studio Cycling –You will ride to inspirational music over a varied terrain, controlling the intensity of your workout with a resistance dial and pedal speed. It will deliver incredible calorie burn and personal challenge…all at a self-directed pace. Be sure to bring your towel and a bottle of water.


Ab Lab - A class designed to strengthen & tone your mid-section like never before! Ab Lab hits all areas of your core including your upper abs, lower abs, oblique’s, and lower back. You can plan on 30 minutes of a non-stop core workout.


Yoga – This class will help you focus on your body, mind, and spirit through a series of basic standing and seated poses. Yoga increases flexibility and relieves you from the stresses of the day. Mats and other props are provided.


Total Body Blast -This class will raise your heart-rate, tone your body, increase your core strength, and improve your flexibility. Check out this energetic mix of cardio, strength & flexibility that will leave you feeling invigorated!


Kalorie Blast F/S – 45 minutes of pure calorie burning! This class is a great combination of a cardio workout, resistance training, and flexibility. Faculty/Staff Only


AquaFit –Come and enjoy a workout in the pool. This low impact water fitness class will build muscle, increase cardio fitness and improve flexibility.


Shake & Shimmy Cardio – Shake & Shimmy your body into awesome shape! This fun cardio dance class will have you grooving to routines inspired by popular music.


Tabata -Experience the ultimate cardio conditioning class! High-intensity exercises in a 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval of the same movement within a 4 minute period. Great for ALL fitness levels!


Body Sculpting - Looking for a weight training class? This class focuses on delivering a muscle chiseling session designed to provide an unbelievable workout! It will utilize dumbbells, body bars, resistance bands, and more.


Cycle n Guns- Everything you love about Studio Cycling plus the added bonus of toning the shoulders, biceps, and triceps with dumbbells!


The Freshmen 15- 15 participants will be introduced to multiple Group Fitness formats; learn how to utilize the Fitness Center, Elam pool, & Pacer Pond Trail; gain knowledge on incorporating health & wellness into their new UTM lifestyle. Students will receive UTM Fit prizes throughout the semester for completing the program. The program is FREE, but you must register. Freshmen only Contact Julie at


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