Resume Tips

  • Collect the facts about yourself. Make a list of all the positive facts in the following categories: education, professional activities, employment history, interests and special skills.
  • Include military experience
  • Prepare statements about your goals and/or objectives carefully. This is a good selling point.
  • List relevant activities or interests which will provide meaningful insights into what type of person you may be.
  • Use good quality bond paper and print it on a high quality printer.
  • Provide your name in full. The top of the page is an excellent place for your name. Be certain your current address is complete with your zip code. Also, include your current telephone number and area code.
  • Include your educational record, but omit high school attended and activities. Include date of graduation in professional schools. List all college degrees and your major and minor areas of study.
  • Be positive. Write with active verbs.