Economics Club

The goal of the Economics Club is to stay connected to current economic issues and extend on concepts beyond the classroom. The members of the club meet to come to a deeper understanding of the classical cases in economics, discuss modern economic issues, and reexamine personal stances in regards to economic theories such as capitalism, socialism, or Marxism.


The topical matters vary from the practical, such as analyzing investments, to the theoretical, such as communist economic policies. Participants read books on the current market, watch videos relating to economics, and face off in portfolio management competitions. The group meets to enjoy the company of peers with similar interests at social events throughout the year. Through the fulfillment of this niche, the club expands the horizons of the developing Economics Program at the University of Tennessee at Martin. Overall, the club will complement the University’s mission of enhancing teaching and expanding knowledge by providing innovative ways to introduce economic ideas and theories to the general university audience.


To learn more, contact Dr. Darshak Patel, Assistant Professor of Economics (Advisor) or John Leavel (President of the Economics Club).

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