Dalis Lampkins receives Reelfoot Research Grant

Good Afternoon Dr. Dickens,


My name is Dalis Lampkins, and Dr. Baker recently shared the news with you that I received a research grant. I am more than happy to provide you with some information on the grant! First of all, the name of the grant is The Smith, Henson, Sliger Undergraduate Research on Reelfoot Lake Grant. In order to be considered, I had to submit a grant proposal entailing the research I would like to do concerning the Reelfoot Lake National Wildlife Refuge. I proposed a research project in which I look at the state and federal regulations in place at Reelfoot, build a database of those regulations, and by using the history of water quality, wildlife numbers, economics, and various other factors, analyze the effect that removing these regulations could have on the refuge. I also intend to survey employees at the refuge, the US Fish and Wildlife Office in Dyersburg, the Environmental Field Office in Nashville, and regional and local policymakers on their knowledge of the regulations and how they have benefited the area. The intended goal of this project is to raise public awareness of the importance of regulations on Reelfoot Lake National Wildlife Refuge in relation to the economy of the area and its success as a refuge and as a place of recreation that many people enjoy. If you have any further questions, please let me know!


Thank you,


Dalis Lampkins

I am from Gleason, TN, and I am a Junior Political Science major with a Spanish minor.


(received 4-4-17)

Andrew Terrell Passes CFA Exam

Note from Andrew to Dr. Dickens.....


Just sending this email to let you know that the CFA Institute just released exam results and I passed! There was a 43% pass rate this year.


I'd like to say thanks for helping make our CBGA top-notch. I wouldn't have had a shot at passing this exam without the knowledge i've learned


Andrew Terrell