Message from the Dean

Dr. Dickens

August 1, 2015 marked the start of my third year (does that make me a Junior?) at UT Martin as the Dean of the College of Business and Global Affairs (CBGA).  I know I feel much more comfortable in this job and in Martin, in general and feel more confident in our abilities to face the challenges of this next year.  Still, just like our students, I will always be learning.

I welcome you to join us within CBGA in pursuit of learning. Whether you are already enrolled at UT-Martin or finishing high school and considering where to pursue the next step of what we expect will be your life-long training process, you are most welcome. UT-Martin and CBGA emphasize students and student-faculty interaction. The desired goal for the College is “student-focused excellence” and those words guide thoughts on how we utilize our precious resources.  At UT Martin, your professors will know your name, you will get academic accountability, and you can make a significant start toward your professional life.

The College is proud of its connection to International Programs and has approximately half of all international students on campus majoring within its disciplines.  These students provide a level of diversity that is otherwise difficult to find in our region.

Another source of pride is the College’s financial support of experiential learning opportunities.  Last year we helped support student experiences at the Super Bowl in Arizona, golf tournaments in South Carolina, spring training in Florida, student conferences in New York, Houston, Miami, Nashville, and more. UT Martin had another successful year of participation in the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature in Nashville and sent a similar group to a national conference in Washington, D.C.  Student opportunities included travel study and study abroad opportunities in France, Germany, Great Britain, and Japan. We also have dozens of students work in various internships – many of which led to offers of full-time employment after graduation.

I hope you will take the time to learn more about the programs in the College.  If you are not able to find an answer on our web pages, give us a call (731 881-7306) or send me an email (  We want you to be a part of the CBGA and Skyhawk families!

Ross Dickens, Dean

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