Alex Brown

Hello, my name is Alex Brown, and I am a former student-athlete studying Business Administration with a major in Management. Upon my expected graduation in May 2017, I will either further my education by attending graduate school or return home to Middle Tennessee to work. When I began school at The University of Tennessee at Martin I did not really know what to expect but I have had many different opportunities to practice analytical decision making, experiential learning, career development, and best of all, networking. My time at UTM has been a humbling experience but the best part about it is not the degree. It is all the great people you get to meet along the way.


As I begin my final semester at UTM, I am confident the knowledge that I have acquired over the past years will help pave the way for my future. I am extremely thankful for my time here at UTM but most importantly, I am thankful for all of the selfless Professors who make it all possible.

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