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Mobile Authoring and Sharing System for Creating Learning Materials

Brian Gilbert, Ben Wright, and Somsak Sukittanon


Research indicates that the integration of computer technology in schools has increased significantly as educators see the benefits of learning with technology for widening students’ skills in reasoning and problem solving. And, with the continuous integration of social networks and mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) into daily life, the classroom environment can benefit from an enriched curriculum. Students desire to have these new technologies incorporated in their classroom learning experiences. However, creating the new mobile software specifically for student needs is not an easy task. Development will require selecting a device, mobile operating system and a software development kit, a method for content to be created, displayed and reviewed, and a method to share this content. In this paper, the Educational Mobile Authoring and Sharing System aims to alleviate burdens from educators when making mobile content for their classroom. Teachers are not required to have prior experience in programming. Once the new content is completed, the mobile software can distribute this content to students immediately without delay by an app store review process. Using this system, students’ work can be evaluated in real-time and results are encrypted and sent to instructors by email.

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