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UT Martin Virtual Campus Tour

Alexander D. Clark, Mason R. Cullen, and Houston N. Howard

Computer Science

Virtual Campus give prospective students a taste of the UT Martin experience. Using Google SketchUp, buildings from the campus are painstakingly recreated to allow the user to feel like they are actually there. The 3D models and their textures are exported from SketchUp in the .FBX format and imported into Unity. After importing the buildings into Unity the users can walk around the campus, entering individual buildings and explore individual rooms. Other models such as trees, sculptures are made using Blender. The virtual campus can be placed on the internet for anyone to view using WebGL or downloaded for offline use on Windows and OSX. A virtual model of a campus can have many practical uses. It may eventually be used to guide students to their classes or other points of interest around campus. It will also help some students to feel more comfortable as they go about their day by letting them feel like they have been to their classrooms before they have to actually physically step foot on campus. A 3D model may also be used by administration to allow them to visualize future building additions. Studies have shown that campus virtual tour have increased student interest by up to 80 percent.

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