Outreach for K-12 Teachers

In order to promote physics education in primary and secondary schools, the faculty of UT-Martin would like to provide several services to area teachers.


First, we are interested in working with teachers who would like assistance in delivering lectures or hands-on activities for their classes. This could be in the form of summer seminars at UT-Martin, school visitations, presentations to classes, or sharing of resources.


Second, we would like to be available for communication with teachers. This should facilitate the speedy resolution of any questions about physics principles, solicitations for demonstration ideas, etc. We will answer all questions as best as we can in a reasonable time. We hope that this interaction will accentuate the learning experience for your students.


Third, we are interested in working with high school students on summer research projects in physics and astronomy. This research could be for science fair projects or just general interest.


Contact Points

Dr. Tahira Arshed: tarshed@utm.edu

Dr. Lionel Crews: lcrews@utm.edu

Dr. Cahit Erkal: cerkal@utm.edu

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When do labs start?

CHEM 112L and CHEM 359 will meet on the 1st day of classes, Thursday, 01/10/19; all other ASTR, CHEM, and PHYS labs will start the first full week of Jan. 14-18, 2019 of the spring semester.