Student Presentations

20 Mt. Pelia Rd.

319 Johnson EPS Building

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7451


(731) 881-7443


Charles Thomas, Chair

Student Presentations

Chelsea Peeler, Joe Cook, S. K. Airee, and Misganaw Getaneh, "Validation of a Simple Assay for Nitric Oxide Synthase"


Steven Stewart, Katherine Stumpo, and Phillip Shelton, "Microwave-Assisted Competitive Nitration of Aromatic Compounds"

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When do labs start?

ASTR 202 labs starts Jan. 25

CHEM 112L, 359 & 422L starts (1st day, Jan.14)

CHEM 111L, 121L, 122L, 320L, 341L, 342L starts Jan. 19

CHEM 121 PLTL sessions start Jan. 19

PHYS 102 & 150 starts (1st day, Jan. 14)

PHYS 211L, 212L, 220L, 221L starts Jan. 19